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The Skull & Bones Swordfighting Comedy Show

Two pirate brothers duel to settle once and for all who is the Greatest Swordsman in the World!!!  No matter which brother is victorious, everyone wins, as these two are willing to KILL* for the enjoyment of their audience.  See their amazing displays of swordsmanship, showmanship, and many other ships at festivals and shows around the country.

*and by “kill”, they mean trying to stab each other, not just any random person. Stabbing not valid in some states. Trauma kit not included. Consult your doctor before beginning any stabbing routine. Some side effects may occur.

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Captain's Log  (or, What's New?)

Skull & Bones Debut New Show!  The Skull & Bones swordfighting shows come in several different flavors....  The Two Man Show, The Four Man Show, and the Everybody In Show.  The One Man Swordfighting Show has proved to be not as entertaining as orginally hoped....

The Two Man Show features two dashing pirate brothers doing their best to impale each other, and has been seen at numerous special events, including Gaylord Palms Resort's Summer Fest, various Pirate Festivals, and the Ohio Renaissance Festival.

The Four Man Show is twice as dangerous as the two man show, and has been featured as "main stage" act at the Gaylord Palms Resort Summer Fest.

The Everybody In Show brings as many swordsmen (and swordswomen) as you could possible need.  The Skull & Bones gang have staged events that filled ballrooms, circus tents, and even the J.D. Waterhouse Arena in Orlando, FL.

To quote a very tough 12 year old critic, "Whoa."

Check back for continuing updates, or book Skull & Bones for your event!

Ship's Roster (or, Who Are These Guys?)

Two veteran actors and swordsmen work together to argue about everything:

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